Business Books

Budding Ideas at Work, Prentice Hall.
Sim, H.C.M., and Wee, K.N.L.

Going The Extra Smile: Creating Remarkable Experience, Prentice Hall.
Wee, L., Sum, P., Huang, T., Nah, B., Tan, N., Teo, D., and Wee, P.V.

Managing The Brick-and-mortar Retail Stores, Prentice Hall.
Wee, K. N. L., andNg-Tang, L. M. C.

Selling Products and Services, Prentice Hall.
Wee, L., and Leong, V.

The 4Rs of Asian Shopping Centre, Management, Marshall Cavendish International.
Wee, K. N. L. and Tong, K. W.

From Latent to Talent.
Wee, L.

Wee, L.