From Latent to Talent

By Wee Keng Neo Lynda

By itself, a corn is just a kernel.
Turn up the heat and it POPS!
Flavour them as you like it :
Sweetened, salted, buttered, caramelised and even Tom Yam
Thai-style, and corn becomes your snack-of-choice.
This is a case of transforming latent to talent.
This is the essence of Design Thinking.

Latent to Talent with Design Thinking
Users have needs. They have constraints. Hence, they devise their own “workarounds”.
Design Thinking is about confronting reality to transform users’ current solutions to preferred ones.


This is a concise, call-to-action book on Design Thinking to equip our readers to innovate and discover a better future – one that even they cannot envision right now.