Going the Extra Smile: Creating a Remarkable Customer Experience

By Wee Keng Neo Lynda, Paul Sum, Theresa Huang, Philip Vincent Wee, Doy Teo, Bette Nah and Nolan Tan

Singapore: Prentice Hall, 2009

If you’ve always wondered how to create a remarkable and memorable experience for your customer, this is the book to read.

Competing on costs alone is no longer an option for Singapore retailers. With savvy, well-heeled customers, raising the bar in customer experience standards has been necessary. The success stories in this book will inspire and spur you to create a retail experience that customers will remember. Written by leading retail management professionals, this book is a comprehensive training guide for those in the retail industry. It will help you gain new perspectives on customer experience, and seize opportunities to transform traditional concepts of service.

“Going the Extra Smile is a much needed insight on what makes a shopping destination an ‘experience’ and a guide to successful execution!”

Terry O’Connor
Managing Director, Courts Singapore Limited

“This is a remarkable piece of work on customer experience! In today’s retail marketplace that is characterised by intense competition and overall similarity of stores and where product offerings are close to parity, creating and managing a positive and memorable customer experience is a key source of potential differentiation.

The materials clearly demonstrate the holistic perspective of customer experience and why it’s so important to keep the best customers in sight, constantly. I would suggest this as a good read for my retail colleagues as well as anyone who takes a keen interest in understanding the customers and it’s very reader-friendly. The authors have done a great job in distilling the best customer service experience in retailing into this book.”

Mr Choo Peng Chee
CEO, Cold Storage Singapore Pte Ltd