Jump Start Authentic Problem-Based Learning

By: Wee Keng Neo Lynda
Singapore: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004

How well is Authentic Problem-Based Learning (aPBL) understood by its facilitators? How ready are teachers in implementing aPBL in the classroom? Based on the aPBL approach, Jump Start Authentic Problem-Based Learning serves as a comprehensive, practical and easy-to-understand handbook to equip teachers to become competent and confident in applying aPBL to their classrooms.

At the beginning of each chapter, readers are presented with real, high-impact and frequently occurring teaching problems that they may encounter when implementing aPBL. Through the use of the aPBL process and templates, they are provided guidance in how to manage these problems. The book also showcases aPBL-in-action with testimonials from teachers who have implemented aPBL as an alternative to the traditional-lecture tutorial approach. In addition, the tried-and-tested templates at the end of each problem-based chapter serves as an effective resource to help teachers jumpstart their journey with aPBL.

“This book is based on the extensive experience that the author has in developing and facilitating her own aPBL courses…(it) ‘walks the talk’ in that you will be engaged in aPBL during your journey through the book…This excellent book provides the nuts and bolts details that are hard to find.”

Prof Donald R. Woods
Professor Emeritus
Chemical Engineering Department, McMaster University
Hamilton, Canada

This is a wonderful book for those who engage in PBL curriculum. PBL is a multi- (or even omni-) potent learning module in higher education. One of the key issues of any PBL curriculum is the “facilitator”. This book shows a good route-map on how to be a desirable educator/facilitator in PBL; it leads the steps of “theory-practice-reflection-improvement”. The core contents of this book cover beyond the borders of the disciplines.

Prof Tadahiko Hozu, M.D.
Professor Emeritus (Gastroenterology and Medical Education)
Advisor, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Japan