Selling Products & Services

By Wee Keng Neo Lynda & Velisa Leong
Singapore: Prentice Hall, 2009

The art of selling has been documented for business owners and leaders, but it is rare to find one written for retail salespersons. Part textbook, part chicken soup for retail frontliners, the book is written in an interactive style, with scenario practices and thinking questions that coach retail ‘street smarts’. Simple “Dos and Don’ts” form a comprehensive checklist of best practices that retail companies can adopt when guiding their retail salespersons. Readers of this book will have a good idea of the traits and knowledge required to be a professional and effective salesperson.

This book complements the Singapore Work Development Agency’s curriculum for the “Sell Products and Services” competency unit under the Retail Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications.

“Selling is not about punching in numbers at the cashier. It’s about satisfying needs and creating demand in a competitive world. From greetings to behaviours, from methods to case studies, this book is all about practical knowledge in the retail environment. It is definitely a good introduction for new recruits to the retail industry and a concise guide for trainers hoping to develop a comprehensive curriculum as well.”

Mr Charlie Teo
Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, OSIM International Ltd

“As mall managers and their tenants progress from hardware to software and then to ‘heartware’, this book will help to elevate service standards in the retail industry to greater heights. If majority of retail associates read and apply the axiom covered in this book, we should be able to match Japan’s quality service in the immediate or foreseeable future.”

Mr Michael Leong
Director, Jurong Point Realty Ltd
Chief Executive Officer, Asiamalls Management Pte Ltd