The 4Rs of Asian Shopping Centre Management

By Wee Keng Neo Lynda & Tong Kok Wing

Singapore: Marshall Cavendish Academic, 2006

Finally, the challenging issues of retail mall management in Asia have been brought together in an accessible form with The 4Rs of Asian Shopping Centre Management. This book addresses shopping centre managers, real estate investors, and retailers, though students of the retail industry will also find this book useful and informative.

The book introduces the types of shopping centres found in Asia and traces its evolution over the years. It discusses how different components of a marketing plan translate into successful shopping centres and offers tips on generating awareness of the opening day of a shopping centre. Finally it shows how correct management of daily operations of a shopping centre is a key factor to its success.

“This book by Lynda and Kok Wing is a useful guide to shopping centre practitioners. Written in the Asian context, the examples and principles will relate well to practitioners in this part of the world.”

Vivienne Tan
President, The Association of Shopping Centres (Singapore)

“In the current context of the vibrant shopping centre industry in the region, this book certainly indicates the tremendous effort and great pains taken by the authors to produce such a guide. This book would certainly be an eye-opener to those entering the shopping centre industry, as well as for those who do not as yet have extensive hands-on experience.”

Richard Chan
President, PPK Malaysia