Something so small can make all the difference.

Lift up through that tiny loop at the top of your boot, and you’re up and running in seconds! Just like the bootstrap, your smallest action can lend a single boost that creates the biggest outcome. Small effort, big outcome. It’s often the tiny lever that turns the tide. One small step towards change and soon you’re overcoming the impossible, one day at a time.

We eat, sleep, breathe “bootstrap”.

Originating in the wartime, “pulling yourself up by your own bootstrap” has come to signify overcoming obstacles through one’s sheer effort. Through levitating yourself, you literally do the impossible. This shapes our vision and mission about betterment, empowerment and growth that is transformational.

Growth is a daily choice. Every individual, brand and company must either move forward in growth, or risk falling back into oblivion.

As catalysts of change, we want to work alongside you as you pull up your bootstrap. Get the right lift at Bootstrap and you’re off to a great start.

Asking the right questions is everything.

With extensive experience in consultancy and corporate training, Bootstrap has made asking the right questions into an art. It’s the basis of our total solution, and one we deliver with passion and pride to every client.

As pioneers and award recipients for Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in Singapore by the Prime Minister’s Office, we constantly work from a fresh angle. Framing the problem challenge is critical as it opens up the possibility of solutions. So critical that even if you get the “right” answer by asking the wrong questions, it’s still wrong!

Whether in the areas of strategic planning, leadership training or retail, we design and deliver the right fit for success.

Infinity—a symbol of endless possibilities


Our infinity logo serves as a symbol of the endless possibilities that every individual, brand and business is capable of achieving. Placed within Bootstrap, it resembles a pair of binoculars or glasses that underline the importance of looking ahead and around in the business world. It is through this clarity of shared vision that valuable business foresight can be achieved.