Dr Lynda Wee
Chief Executive Officer


How can business leaders be more effective?

Effective leaders are curious, creative and adaptive. They scan the external factors to seek opportunities or challenges that can scale their companies to greater heights. They move fast, smart and win now. They purge irrelevant activities and focus on tasks that matter most.

Effective leaders also grow their own trees by focusing as much time on people issues as they do on business issues. They seek the right people, keep them smart, align them to the same strategic priorities and empower personal transformation.


Dr Lynda Wee is the Chief Executive at Bootstrap. Award-winning innovator, leader and strategist, she is the mastermind behind countless retail successes and razor sharp initiatives.

The enterprising maven specialises in helping businesses make giant leaps in performance and elevating malls to iconic status. Throughout her illustrious career, she has sparked radical new initiatives that transcend marketing norms, achieving trailblazing results. At Bootstrap, she facilitates strategic planning, branding, customer-centric initiatives, retailing, leadership and people development projects.

Prior to founding Bootstrap, she was Senior Vice President of Learning and Development at CapitaLand Limited where she spearheaded its global innovation think tank. She was bestowed The Enterprise Challenge for innovating Education using Problem-based Learning by the Singapore’s Prime Minister Office. She is a Fellow at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom. She serves as a Fellow at the Institute of Asian Consumer Insights and Associate Professor (Adjunct) at Nanyang Technological University. She is bestowed Senior Practising Management Consultant by the Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council.

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Dr Danny Poo
Big Data Analytics Specialist, Standices


Why should I care about Big Data in my business?

Data come from multiple sources; both from within and without an organization. They are structured and unstructured. They come in fast and furious. They fill up your databases in no time. They are of various flavours. Not knowing them is like a bird with its wings clipped. Your organization is mobile but it can’t fly. The use of Big Data and Big Data Analytics could enable your organization create valuable business information and insights that would lift you up beyond the competition!


Dr Danny Poo is a Specialist in Big Data Analytics, Health Informatics, Software Engineering, and Information Management.

Dr Poo is currently a tenured Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore. As the Curriculum Chair of the Department of Information Systems, Dr Poo has been instrumental in the development of three degree programmes at the School of Computing: Information Systems, Electronic Commerce and Business Analytics. These degree programmes have produced graduates that are highly sought after by the industry.

Dr Poo serves in the Steering Committee of the Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC) since 1994 and was the Vice-Chairman of the APSEC Steering Committee from 2003 to 2005. He was also the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of two highly successful International Conference on Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare in 2013 and 2014.

Prior to founding Standices in 2013, Dr Poo was involved in research and development of technologies in Information Management, Health Informatics and Big Data Analytics. He has published many research articles and has turned the technologies into solutions that Standices now provides to its clients. Dr Poo is the Director of the Centre for Health Informatics at the National University of Singapore. The Centre is the lead provider of human capital in Health Informatics and its mission is to train healthcare and IT professionals to use Health Informatics to find new and better ways of delivering healthcare to achieve enhanced patient care and satisfaction. The Centre also serves as a hub for Health Informatics research and information exchange. Dr Poo is also the director and founder of Cicada Cube Pte Ltd, a Software Engineering company specializing in the production of biometric solutions for all industries.

Dr Poo’s consultancy portfolio includes Deutsche Bank AG, OCBC Bank, Tech Semiconductor, Micron Semiconductor, Gemplus, Rhodes-Schwarz, Port of Singapore Authority, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Ministry of Defence, Singapore Polytechnic, Sema Group, FTMS (Malaysia), Standard Chartered Bank (Malaysia) and Neptune Orient Line.

Dr Poo received his Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Science and Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computation from the University of Manchester in 1988, 1985, 1983 respectively.

Dr Lek Hsiang Hui
Data Analytics Specialist, Standices


How can data help in a business?

Just like what the following quote says:"Data! Data! Data! ... I can't make bricks without clay." - quote from detective story Sherlock Holmes (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

Data is something that is important to remain competitive in the market today. More importantly, the goal in collecting data is to derive knowledge and insights so as to aid in decision-making. This can be achieved through data analytics. Data analytics which span various disciplines such as statistics, artificial intelligence and information technology aims are transforming data into patterns and patterns into knowledge. Knowledge can then help decision makers gain insights about their business operations and make better, fact-based decisions.


Dr Lek Hsiang Hui is a Specialist in Data Analytics, Systems Analysis and Systems Development. He is in charge of research and development at Standices. Prior to founding Standices, he was involved in a few startups. He is a mobile application developer and has produced more than 10 mobile apps on multiple platforms.

Dr Lek has been involved in the teaching of various computing courses at School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS) since 2006. Some of the courses include programming methodology, enterprise systems analysis and development, and data mining. He has also conducted various training courses in the area of business analytics to professionals.

Dr Lek received his Doctor of Philosophy (Information Systems) from NUS in 2013. His research area is in Natural Language Processing (Sentiment Analysis). He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (1st class honors) in Computer Engineering from NUS.

Johnny Ong
Peak Performance Specialist & Non Associate Specialist


How does one realise one’s full potential?

Many people don’t reach their full potential because of their mindsets. They have self-limiting beliefs that compromise on the ability to achieve more than they think they are capable of. This is further reinforced by the opinions of their peers and family members.

Actually, it is relatively easy to banish such a mindset with the 3R Approach:

Renew: Take a new perspective on how you see yourself. You always have the choice to challenge conventional wisdom. Develop a Growth Mindset instead of having a Fixed Mindset.

Realign: Create a plan of action that leads to fulfilment. It’s about Resources (What), Processes (How) and Priorities (Why).

Resolve: There must be firmness of mind to achieve this renewal which is an ongoing process.


Mr Johnny Ong is a Peak Performance Specialist at Bootstrap. He specialises in Personal Development and Peak Performance. Besides holding training and speaking sessions for adults, Johnny also conducts motivational and personal development workshops in schools, as well as parenting and teacher development.

Johnny worked as Sales Director in the music and hospitality industries. He has led and trained sales teams in various multinational companies for more than fourteen years in senior sales management positions. He has led sales teams to top market share positions. He left the corporate world in 2007 to pursue his passion in writing, speaking and training. He is the author of “Don’t Live Your Life in One Day – 100 Effective Rules to Live a Meaningful Life”. He is also the author of “How To Be A Hero Dad”.

Johnny’s academic qualifications include a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Hull (United Kingdom), as well as a Master of Social Science (Professional Counselling) from the Swinburne University of Technology (Australia). His other credentials include an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment from the Institute of Adult Learning, a Diploma in Psychotherapy, and advanced training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Johnny also runs a counselling practice and is an adjunct lecturer in counselling psychology.

Leslie Chang
Corporate Trainer


How does the course “Provide Advice on Clock and Watch Products (PAC)” enhance Singapore’s key position as a major importer in the Clock and/or
Watch Industry?

The strong demand for such a course is a clear reflection of Singapore being consistently one of the world’s major importers of quality timepieces in recent history. The continuous growth of PAC will no doubt enhance the existing pool of talents. Most importantly, it provides the necessary skill and knowledge for newcomers to the clock and watch industry. I am extremely pleased with the successful implementation of Provide Advice on Clock and Watch Products in November, 2010.


Leslie Chang started his career in the clock and watch industry at the age of nineteen, and has since built a company that distributes exclusively major international brands, including Orient and Mido. Leslie is an Executive Committee Member of the Singapore Clock and Watch Association, and was also the Organizing Chairman of the Association’s Annual Ball for six consecutive years from 2001 to 2008. Leslie is the only Singaporean to date to have successfully competed in the FIA World Rally Championship events. He served on the Executive Committee of the Singapore Motor Sports Association as President and Chef-de-Mission of Team Singapore for the China-ASEAN International Touring Assembly since 2006. Leslie also serves as a Patron of Pink Spartans, a dragon-boat team consisting of cancer survivors and supporters who fight for the betterment of life after cancer. He is a qualified facilitator who believes in continuous improvement, and has completed the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment in order to further his contributions to the Clock and Watch Industry by sharing the knowledge he has acquired through year of experience.

Marcus Suaw
Airport Commercial Revenue Management


Mr Marcus Suaw is an Expert in Airport Commercial Revenue Management.

Previously, he served as the Associate General Manager in Changi Airport Group Changi East cluster, where he oversaw the conceptualisation of operations and commercial planning for Changi Airport’s Terminal 5. He led his team in engaging stakeholders to design the future passenger experience and identify potential business and productivity opportunities in order to to scale Changi Airport’s future commercial revenue.


In Changi Airport Group, Marcus held various key Commercial Revenue Management portfolios in Changi Airport including the management of retail, food and beverages, offices and even cargo warehouse leases. In 2008, he successfully concluded the commercial leasing and operationalisation of a diverse portfolio of Retail, Food and Beverages shops, including the prized Liquor and Tobacco concession as well as hundreds of office spaces for the opening of Changi Airport Terminal 3.

He also previously led the Land Lease management section where he negotiates Changi Airport Group’s commercial leases for land plots, concession and license agreements of airport partners. Marcus was also involved in managing aeronautical fees and charges, including key landing, parking, passenger service and security charges of Changi Airport. During his stint as the Section Head for Aero Revenue, Marcus successfully pushed through a 33% increase in the Passenger Service Charge with minimal resistance from Airlines.

Marcus also contributed in Changi Airport Group’s overseas investment projects as a Commercial Revenue Consultant. Most notably, he played a pivotal role in structuring a Retail joint venture for the Retail spaces of investee airports in south of Russia. He also assumed the role of Residential Commercial Director for an airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he successfully doubled the commercial revenue of the airport over 2 years.

With more than 10 years of Airport Commercial experience, Marcus has trained numerous commercial managers and executives who has since risen up the corporate ranks to assume management positions in the Changi Airport Group.

Prior to joining Changi Airport, Marcus was a facilitator in Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic, one of Singapore’s 5 Institutes of Higher Learning, focusing on developing and preparing young Singaporeans with the right industry skills to join the Singapore workforce.

Grace Leong
Associate Education Specialist


How can one become a better learner?

Many people think that learning is dependent upon the external environment, such as the settings we are in or the people teaching us. Although this is true to a certain extent, I personally believe that we have to be self-dependent. Passion and motivation give us the extra boost when it comes to learning. In fact, learning takes place most effectively when we consciously relate what we have learned to our lives. This is when we practice better learning: unlearning, modifying, adapting and then relearning. In essence, learning starts from you.


Ms Grace Leong started her career with the Ministry of Defence (Singapore). She was the Manpower Officer of the Depot Road Camp, focusing mainly in the start-up of the Estates Management Office. Her passion for self-advancement led her to the private education industry where she took on multiple lecturing positions with both private and public education institutions, including Temasek Polytechnic, Stamford Institute of Commerce and Thames Business School. In addition to lecture delivery, Grace took on other roles with multiple local and overseas education institutions such as management, marketing and course management. She was the Product Manager with Informatics Group whereby she managed and developed all the business programmes for their local and foreign centres, including franchisees. She was also a consultant to locally owned education institutions, which were starting up in China.

Inspired by her own children’s learning needs, Grace ventured into the arena of young children education. She is trained in teaching phonics, speech and drama. At Theory G Education Centre, she developed and delivered a language, speech and drama course for young learners between 18 months to 8 years old.

Since 2006, Grace joined Republic Polytechnic as an Academic Associate and facilitates business modules using Problem-Based Learning with the Centre for Enterprise and Communication. In addition, from 2011, Grace has moved onto the developmental as well as training of volunteers for the People’s Association (Singapore) – specialising in Volunteer Management.

Grace graduated from the Hawaii Pacific University, USA, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (majored in HRM) (Second Class Upper Honours, 1993). She received her Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) in 2010.

Audrey Kang
Project Specialist


Why is understanding our customers important?

It is vital that we know and understand our customers for us to be able to create and provide for them the appropriate solutions to their challenges. Without understanding who are customers are and what they really need, we will not be able to recognise their real issues, gaps, and needs. Our recommendations may only provide short-term solutions, if at all. Having better and deeper insights of our users gives us the capability to see more opportunities to better our customer’s lives and business. Our depth of knowledge and understanding of our customers determines our capability to deliver more innovative solutions for them.


Ms Audrey Kang is a Project Specialist at Bootstrap. Prior to joining Bootstrap, she was a Marketing and Communications Executive with ST Cosme Pte Ltd. She developed marketing strategies for their online social networking platforms. She helped the start-up in the setting up of marketing practices in areas such as pricing, communications and retail.

At Bootstrap, she has spearheaded projects specialising in Retail. Her clients include such as K.BLU, Snacks4Me and Pacific Paper. By conducting strategic analysis of their customers, she developed retail strategies for clients for both online and offline platforms. She serves on 2 innovation teams that secured the InnovFlame Grant by the Institute of Adult Learning to prototype Workplace Learning and Blended Learning using Technology. Audrey graduated from the Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Business with Second Class Honours, specializing in marketing in 2015.