“Bootstrap has made a great impact in the transformational process of DP and we have adopted Team Leadership Toolkit as our core leadership development program.”

Francis Lee

Chief Executive Officer
DP Architects

“We were interested in new learning approaches to equip our Science and Technology students with relevant skills for their careers. Bootstrap conducted the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) workshop twice, first as an introduction to interested faculty members, and second as a training session for trainers. Both courses received positive feedback and equipped our faculty with the knowledge, skills and confidence to adopt PBL in their curriculum.”

Asst Prof Dr Pornapit Darasawang

Dean, School of Liberal Arts,
King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thonburi, Thailand

“Bootstrap promoted strategic clarity, alignment and accountability by getting our top management to rethink on the right mountain to climb.  Now, we can better focus and scale with our resources with our new sense of purpose.”

Jacqueline Tan

Senior Director
Jumbo Group of Restaurants

“Bootstrap has given our ‘Customer Service’ flywheel a big push and their service framework has been a key catalyst in our service transformation journey. Their Service Excellence and Empowerment training are now part of our core development programme.”

Eric Tong

Assistant Director, Hotel Operations
Far East Organisation

“Bootstrap’s Team Leadership Toolkit is awesome! It creatively puts clarity and focus onto what leaders must and must not do, in order to create highly effective teams. The training was interactive, engaging and easy to understand. Dr Lynda Wee delivered concepts and principles by using case studies which participants could relate to personally. Our key staff who attended the course have grown in their leadership abilities.”

Cheah Sin Hean

Group Executive Director
Goodrich Global Pte Ltd, Singapore

“Bootstrap had taught me an interesting way to deal with differences in a workforce; mostly caused by the differences in people, values and cultures. They helped me to view these differences as uniqueness rather than as a drawback, and they facilitated the development of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town’s mission, vision and values to align my teams. They facilitated difficult yet strategic conversations that led to the strengthening of our management bench, mall layout and leasing plan. I enjoyed the down-to-earth yet effective approach that Bootstrap adopted, as it involved the top management to participate in tough discussions and find solutions as a team. Today, I am extremely happy with the results of my team.”

Tessa Natalia Hartono

Chief Executive Officer
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Bootstrap has differentiated themselves as a market leader through creative, interactive and realistic facilitation. Participants feel a great sense of personal touch with relevant case studies. Team Leadership Toolkit enables participants to rethink and stay focused on leadership priorities. Dr Lynda Wee is truly a world class leader herself! At Coach, we appointed Bootstrap to develop our retail leaders and we saw the positive change in them.”

Elaine Teo

Senior Retail Director
Coach, Singapore

“Your session on Customer Experience to our Asia Regional Teams was the highlight of these 3 days.  The team was very enthusiastic after your presentation.”

Frank Cancelloni

President, Calvin Klein Asia Pacific

“Thanks for the passion, insights and motivation that you brought to the team last week. I can tell you that we were all talking about processing, service and experience throughout the next several days – the poor hotel, restaurant and service staff we encountered were all under our close scrutiny!”

Joseph Chegia

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Calvin Klein Asia

“We engaged Bootstrap to speak on Remarkable Customer Experience at our recent Asia Regional Team Meeting in Singapore. I found the programme very informative and lively. It was one of the highlights of our Singapore trip.”

Frank Cancelloni

Chief Executive Officer (Asia Pacific)
Devanlay/Lacoste, Hong Kong

“In retailing, details in every aspect of retail operations are important. Bootstrap helped us to see and execute the details in many different angles. Their practical suggestions and smart ideas improved our retail operations and produced immediate results. My team enjoyed our sharing and brainstorming sessions with Bootstrap. It was great to engage in highly productive discussion with consultants who have sound knowledge and experiences in the retail business.”

Evy Soenarjo

President Director
Global Teleshop, Indonesia

“The strategic planning seminar was a great success. Everyone participated actively and disrupted our usual way of thinking so as to seek new and better ways to serve our customers. After the seminar, we synthesised our strategy paper and assigned priorities to our teams. Bootstrap went the extra mile by helping us to engage a leading guest speaker in order for us to learn best practices from other industries.”

Pierre-Olivier Deplanck

Chief Executive Officer
Guardian Health & Beauty, Singapore

“Bootstrap was commissioned to enhance retail branding, develop retail leaders and spruce the retail operations of 800 Oke Shops across Indonesia. The transformation made a remarkable impact on our sales performance.”

Sugiono Wiyono Sugialam

President Director and Chief Executive Officer
PT Trikomsel Oke Tbk, Indonesia

“Bootstrap is different from other consultants that we have worked with. Bootstrap not only gave us transformational concepts and ideas, but was also responsible for overseeing and executing these ideas. Bootstrap’s strengths include facilitating discussions and subsequently implementing the ideas generated. Performance of Gramedia bookstores soared, and we are very glad to have partnered Bootstrap.”

Agung Adiprasetyo

Chief Executive Officer
Kompas Gramedia, Jakarta, Indonesia