Lift your bootstrap and 
create wonders.

Gear yourself up for success by taking the first step—pull up your bootstrap! This simple act signals you’re ready for new growth. Training is an essential part of that transformation, preparing you for new heights in strategy and leadership.

True leaders create more leaders.

Here’s our biggest tip for business success—start with the right people and focus on them with an eagle eye. That’s how thriving companies get to where they are today. If there are business gaps, it only means there are performance gaps to be addressed. Here’s how we can partner you in training leaders for business growth:

  • Injecting specialised expertise and knowhow into your business
  • Developing leadership potential from supervisors to  C-level executives
  • Offering strategic planning and new ways of doing  things
  • Setting up a learning and development department  within your company

If you are keen to grow your biggest assets, get in touch with us today.

We soak ourselves in
your spirit.

Before proposing a training solution, we immerse ourselves fully in your company spirit. That’s when we uncover any gaps to tackle during training. Being one with your culture inspires us to design a training program tailored to your needs.

What sets us apart is our fiery passion for being client-centric and empathetic. We get charged from seeing people grow at optimal levels and touching clients, one at a time. When people grow, businesses grow. It’s a simple equation:


At Bootstrap, we don’t just train. We coach, we mentor and we make that difference.

Tailor-make your perfect training course.

Every organisation is different, so why shouldn’t its training be? We offer customised courses tailored to your specific needs in leadership development, business strategy and creative thinking. Arm your people with the best skills and knowledge with training programs created just for them.

Train with us at incredible value.

With current SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) funding*, train your staff at only a fraction of the total course fees. Small and Middle Enterprises (SMEs) receive up to 90% course fee funding* from SSG. On top of that, your company will be reimbursed with Absentee Payroll Funding* for courses taken during company working hours. Seize the opportunity today to capitalise on worthwhile and affordable training while grants are still available.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer to the course brochures or contact us to find out more.